QUALITY policy

Sanco Shipping AS is committed to achieve superior satisfaction levels for its customers through a Safety Management system while complying with applicable standards and specifications.

Sanco Shipping AS has the following objectives as indicators of success:

  • To create value for our customers.
  • To be known for quality and soundness.
  • To have a reputation of being an attractive business partner who can be trusted and relied upon.
  • To earn sound profits based on manageable risk.
  • To be highly competitive among ship owners serving the same market area.
  • Being one of the leading shipping companies within our niche.


The Company’s HSE Policy and objectives apply to all of the Sanco Shipping AS`s employees.

The policy of the Company is that we foremost take care of the health and safety of all persons and carry out our business in a manner that assures best protection of the environment. In addition careful compliance with relevant laws and regulations, waste reduction and efficient use of natural resources, are keys to achieving these objectives.


Sanco Shipping AS is committed to make and maintain an environment at work free of sexual and racial harassment


In recognition of the responsibility to protect employees from the hazards that exist when smoking is freely permitted, Sanco Shipping AS has implemented a smoking policy.

Stop unsafe work and intervene policy

All Sanco Shipping AS employees, which include contractors and third parties, have the authority and responsibility to stop unsafe work and to intervene any activity that is considered to be an imminent danger to Health, Safety and Environment. The right to stop unsafe work or intervene shall be exercised without fear of reprisal.

Social Media policy

The Social Media Policy provides guidance for personnel to follow during any online presence that make reference to Sanco Shipping AS.

Drugs & Alcohol policy

Sanco Shipping intends a zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol or substance abuse aboard our vessels.

This Policy applies equally to all Sanco Shipping AS personnel, to third party personnel and to contractors engaged in any work aboard. Distribution, possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs and narcotics aboard is strictly prohibited.


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